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Facing criminal proceedings can be a daunting and difficult time.  With 30 years's experience in carrying out criminal work, we are able to support you throughout the process.    


When you are arrested

We are on call 24 hours a day via the Duty Solicitor Scheme.  Ask at the Police Station for Goodhand & Forsyth to be contacted to represent you.  You will be entitled to free representation at this stage.

If you are charged with a crime

We can provide you with initial free advice in The Law Shop.  

We can represent you at all stages from the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court.

What will it cost?

Free representation can be provided by the Legal Aid Agency (depending on your financial position and the nature of the charges against you).

If you are not entitled to free representation we can still assist you as a private, fee paying client and advise you of the likely costs.

What types of matter are you able to deal with?

We are able to deal with most cases including (but not limited to:

  • Murder

  • Sexual offences

  • Drug offences

  • Assaults

  • Theft

  • Burglary

  • Fraud

  • Public Order offences

  • Criminal Damage (including arson)

  • Motoring offences

If you wish to make an appointment or require further information 
please contact us on 01737 854908

For out of hours criminal representation, call us on 07540 725 348

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