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We have an experienced Conveyancing Department who pride themselves in offering a professional and personal service in all areas of property law.




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Let us take the stress out of moving home! We will provide you with our unique report information folder at the start of your transaction and ensure that we report to you on all documentation and searches as they come in, therefore preventing any nasty surprises at the time of exchange



We can provide you with a HIP before marketing commences and will ensure that draft papers are submitted to your purchasers swiftly


Affordable Housing

As panel Solicitors for several Affordable Housing providers we have a wealth of knowledge in all affordable housing schemes including Shared Ownership and Homebuy. These schemes often appear complicated but we will ensure that our reports to you are clear and concise


Transfers of Equity

Transfers of Equity are often undertaken at times of stress. It is our aim to achieve your goal as swiftly as possible without unnecessary complications



As Panel Solicitors for most major lender, we will be able to assist with all legal requirements to ensure that your re-mortgage is completed quickly and efficiently



From Option Agreements to Acquisition of Land for Development our professional property team will be able to help


Declarations of Trust

If properties are purchased jointly with parties contributing in unequal proportions it is essential that a Declaration of Trust is entered into to protect each parties' beneficial interest. This can prevent acrimony at a later stage



We are able to offer legal services in respect of all aspects of commercial conveyancing from Assignment of commercial Leases to purchases of commercial premises

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