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I have a FHDRA Hearing, what should I expect?

Have you just had documents from the court and not sure what to do next?

If you have received paper work and have a FHDRA coming up, you must be feeling nervous and confused. Let me explain.

A FHDRA stands for “First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment”. This term is used in UK Family Law Proceedings. It is the first hearing, following an application to court (if are surprised by the paperwork, then you are the Respondent within the proceedings), its aim is to help parties involved in family disputes to resolve their issues through negotiation and discussion, rather than going through a full trial, which can be costly and also emotionally exhausting.

This hearing would give the parties the opportunity to discuss matters such as Child Arrangements, Financial Matters, or other family-related concerns. The courts offer this so that they can narrow down the issues between yourself and your ex-partner This is your opportunity to put forward your proposals and what it is that you are hoping to come out with.

During the FHDRA, the judge will try to help by identifying the issues and providing the parties with some guidance on the legal issues and the judge will also provide both of you with potential outcomes to assist in making an informed decision. The FHDRA is extremely useful as you can also explore possible settlement options.

If an agreement is reached during the hearing and you are able to settle, the court would be in a position to issue an Order, also known as Consent Orders. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the Judge would give further directions for the next hearing. This will allow the parties to gather evidence which they can use within the proceedings and provide supporting statements.

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